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Brasimpex SA more

Land: Luxemburg
Region: Luxemburg
Ort: Luxembourg
Straße: 222 Rue de Neudorf
Telefon: +352 20202210
Fax: +352 26683059
Firm Rank: 0
Is a importer company and representation the big companys in Brazil (Camil, Sara Lee, Cepera, Ducoco, Maricota, Guari, Milani, Matte Leão, Flormel, Sukest, Café Moraes and Café Pilão). Exported for the Worlwide from the Brazil.[...]

Stratégie sàrl more

Land: Luxemburg
Region: Luxemburg
Ort: Mamer
Straße: 54 rue de Dangé Saint Romain
Telefon: +352 26 310620
Fax: +352 26 310619
Firm Rank: 0
Vent D'est, which is a trade name of Strategie sarl, is involved in the sourcing of products from Eastern Europe for distribution in Western Europe. It is also interested in the recyclage of used equipment in Eastern Europe. Strategie Com Sarl is a luxembourg company, established in 2000, with an affiliated company in Eastern Europe.[...]