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Apis Spol s.r.o. more [Englisch] [Deutsch]

Land: Slowakei
Region: Slowakei
Ort: Velke Kapusany
Straße: Zelená 258/20
Telefon: +421 56 6282801
Fax: +421 56 6282801
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Die Gesellschaft mbH APIS wurde gegründet im Jahr 1993 in östlichen Teil der Slowakei in der Nähe von ukrainischen, ungarischen und slowakischen Grenzen. Die Grundtätigkeit des Unternehmens seit der Gründung bis heute ist der Nusskern- und Bienenhonigeinkauf von slowakischen Produzenten und Bienenzüchter, Verarbeitung, Verpackung und Verkauf auf dem EU Markt gewesen. Velke Kapusany mit ausländischer Mehrheitseigentum. Im Jahr 1999 sie war 100%-ige slowakische Gesellschaft geworden. Unsere[...]

Unitects l.t.d more

Land: Slowakei
Region: Slowakei
Ort: Bratislava
Straße: Padlych Hrdinov 14
Telefon: +421 02 45526078
Firm Rank: 0
We are trading company based in Bratislava - Slovakia, dealing with used agricultural machinery, forklifts, tractors and minitractors, JCB etc.. In 2006 we will cooperate with foreign company to build mounted houses. Another business we are dealing with is eco- fuel (wood pellets) and commercially grown plants for wood harvesting[...]

HTF green line s.r.o. more

Land: Slowakei
Region: Slowakei
Ort: Zvolen
Straße: A.Hlinku 43
Telefon: +421 45 5369418
Fax: +421 45 5369419
Firm Rank: 0
Our company has been estabilished on 2004. Our mind activities are Export - Import of Agri products over the World. We are supplier of fruits and vegetables, potatoes, canned products, pasta, green peas, sugar, wheat flour, oil crops, butter.We are providing Agri service. Our mind destinations are EU market, Romania market, Azia.[...]

Uni-car s.r.o. more

Land: Slowakei
Region: Slowakei
Ort: Hurbanovo
Straße: Komarnanska 160/2681
Telefon: +421 904 442335
Fax: +421 904 442335
Firm Rank: 0
Dear sir, we are a company based in Slovakia and we are interested in purchasing products from your company. We have a parner chain of 800 shops and we are able to buy truck quantities on regular basis. Please let us know which ones you have available, if you have, send us your price offer, product EAN codes, photos of all sides of the product, date of expiry and logistic information. Products are following: Coffe: Jacobs Kronung 250g, 500g Tchibo family products Tchibo exclusive[...]

Hq-Solutions more

Land: Slowakei
Region: Slowakei
Ort: Ruzomberok
Straße: J.Hanulu 2
Telefon: +421 905 617809
Fax: +421 905 617809
Firm Rank: 0
We are a company seeking the best solutions, technology products for your needs, your business, our goal is your satisfaction and your success. At the same boat with our business partners to search for the best solutions we choose courage and positive attitude, we strive to provide with the latest technology and innovation the best solution. We strongly advocate the philosophy, that, "people would have to behave naturally as we would have had to be borrowed from his children."[...]